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About the Re-creation of the Heinrich Himmler
SS Death's Head Honor Ring

This is the ONLY reproduction ring that Germania will be associated with.
Make no mistake, all other rings found in Germania's pages are original-period pieces.


    At Germania International, LLC we strive to handle only the finest of original-period items of historical significance and excellence. We, of course, have detractors, but they are of no consequence, and their numbers are minute. For the greater part we receive dozens of compliments on a daily basis. The irrational and muckraking would-be defamers are in a very small minority, mostly inhabiting crypto cyber forums, where they believe they are safe in their denunciations of their betters. They are would-be “cyber heroes,” but when confronted personally their tall tales and malice-drenched fairytales are conveniently forgotten, and their rather lily-livered inner selves emerge and stand as evidence of their slander, libel, and outright ignorance. So with this in mind the staff at Germania after long deliberation has decided to carry a section that will be given to the epitome of re-created Teutonic “gems.”

We will not be the purveyors of articles that are best described as crummy, such as found on some of the web sites out there. There are many places in cyber space where various reproduction and fantasy pieces can be found. These only serve one purpose and that is to enrich some of the land sharks whose only long-range plan is the procurement of money. Those of you who are regular visitors to Germania’s pages know full well that ours is not only a business, but we try to make it a pleasant educational experience as well for those who faithfully follow our descriptions, view our pictures, and listen to our music. We know that not everyone can afford some of the things on our pages or other items that they have always wanted, but could not possibly manage to buy. With this in mind, and after long and serious deliberation, we have elected to feature a section of our site to this re-creation experiment. Many of the items we will offer unfortunately will be very tempting to the purveyors of fakes who represent such relics, as real. Wherever possible we will try to make some subtle difference in all objects offered so that the collector who buys something from some scoundrel as authentic (but is not) will have a point of reference to legally fall back on. This is obviously evidenced in the H. Himmler honor rings, the tapestries, the K.C documents, etc. We will start out with a few of these wonderful articles and steadily graduate to a full line of the very best Teutonic re-creations available anywhere in the world. This will be in association with a colleague by the name of Siegfried. With this gentleman we started by buying out practically the entire inventories of several of the most prestigious firms producing such magnificent miscellany in limited actualization. Our promise to you, the collector, is that we will offer nothing that we cannot express pride in merchandizing.

Third Reich Tapestry


Third Reich Tapestry

Third Reich Tapestry


Third Reich Tapestry


Honor Ring

This description is taken from the site that for a short time featured these magnificent re-creations of the world’s most-sought-after ring. We have bought out all rights and production of this Teutonic treasure, Heinrich Himmler’s Death’s Head Honor Ring.

And, now, finally!, the absolute best copy of the collecting world's most-famous and much-desired ring. We all have heard the sagas of Teutonic barbarians sweeping down from the north in a thundering wave of terror and destruction. These accounts are matched only by the glorious Germanic crusades of the middle ages. Then we remember the military victories of Der Alte Fritz (Frederick the Great) and the devastating Prussian military conquests of 1871 and 1914. In 1939, the loud, resounding thud of hob-nailed boots was heard once again in the streets of Europe as "The New Order" sent forth its valiant sons to wrest victory over the French, Belgians, Poles, et al. They revived in essence the Teutonic war machine in all its frightening, yet glorious, splendor! The most effective and undaunted of these Reich's warriors were the soldiers of the (Schutzstaffel). The quest of martial grandeur is nowhere revealed more plainly as within the design of the famous Death's Head Honor Ring--the Totenkopf Ehrenringe. This ring was presented to and worn by specially selected members of Heinrich Himmler's elite Storm Troopers. The grotesque skull and mystic runic symbolism advance a terrifying yet thrilling image of ultramilitant Germanic history, but at the same time instills in the observer a fascinating view into a world of combative excellence and do-or-die faithfulness to a cause, whether "Right or Wrong." Meine Ehre Heisst Treue! "My honor is called loyalty." This is the motto.

This reproduction is so vividly accurate in every detail that we decided that there will be certain persons out there who will invariably try to resell them as originals for huge monetary returns, so we have made one small deviation or subtle change and that is as follows: we have made one small strand of the oak-leaf decoration move in the wrong direction. This can be perceived at the ring's bottom. Although we have handed the ring to experts from time to time and asked them if they saw anything different only one of five has ever seen the tiny change. If we don’t point it out you can hardly notice it. The rest of the ring is the classic Totenkopf Ehrenringe. We have chosen to make it an exact copy of -Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich's ring with the date of its issue 21/6/1939. This date also designates the summer solstice ceremonies, and you can see his name plus the facsimile of Himmler's signature within the ring's interior all completely fabricated just as the originals were presented during that earth-shattering, turbulent time. The rings are in pure silver with the highlighted details professionally darkened to bring them out vividly. Sizes are 9, 10, 11, and 12. For sizes other than these, we will have to add extra cost for special sizing. Each ring is hand finished and the finished product is overwhelmingly exquisite. There will be a great demand for these amazing rings and countless orders are expected to result because militaria collectors have waited a very long time for the appearance of the ultimate Germanic ring. Gentlemen, this one makes all the other attempts look rather amateurish at best.
To order your Honor Ring, or ask for any additional information you may need, you can contact us via email.
If you are a first-time buyer and prior to placing your order, please go to our "Terms and Conditions" page and fill out the form there.


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