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Siegfried forges the sword of Nothung.


The following artistic renditions are especially remarkable in that they are specially treated and textured to emulate oil paintings, even though they are prints. The texture is a very special secret recipe. Hardly anyone can tell at the distance that a canvas is ordinarily viewed from that these are not, in actuality, original oils.



Messerschmidts over France

This striking depiction of the workhorses of the Luftwaffe are Messerschmidt 109's flying in formation over the famous Saint Michele Monastery, while French peasants look on. "Great action." It measures 15 ¼ x 11 inches.

$135.00; S/H/I $8.00

Image 2


Me-109's Flying over the African Desert

This is a great depiction of Me-109's in formation while tanks and motorized siege guns pass underneath. A downed Spitfire lies wrecked in the foreground. It measures 15 ¼ x 11 inches. This is a very dramatic image.

$135.00; S/H/I $8.00

Image 2


Me-109's over France

This winter scene of Messerschmidts flying over France in the grip of winter is very dramatically presented with a train traversing a bridge over the deep chasm below, while German Wehrmacht vehicles and motorcycle pass on the road. This is a wonderful depiction. It measures 15 ¼ x 11 inches.

$135.00; S/H/I $8.00

Image 2

Following are actual paintings individually done.


Original Oil Painting of a Messerschmidt Me-109

This wonderful depiction of the Me-109, possibly of Ace Hans Marselles, is so accurate and the colors of machine and desert so vivid that the effect is absolutely lifelike. This is an original oil on canvas by famed air-war artist, Raymond Waddy, whose name is always noted in fine aeronautical art. Waddy's canvases are not only very collectable, but are fine investments, as well. It measures 24 x 30 inches, unframed.

$550.00; S/H/I $15.00

Image 2

Image 3


Oil Painting of Field Marshal Rommel

This great original portrait in oil of the immortal Erwin "Desert Fox" Rommel is wonderfully detailed and realistic. It measures 23 x 28 inches with the frame. This is the very best depiction we have ever seen. His leather greatcoat, binoculars, scarf, visor cap, and goggles are real enough to almost touch.

$575.00; S/H/I $15.00

Image 2


The "Red Baron" in Action

This is an original canvas by famed warplane illustrator, Raymond Waddy. This 24 x 30-inch depiction is a dramatic rendition of the Baron von Richthoffen in aerial combat. He has just dispatched a British opponent with his Fokker triplane. The scene is wonderfully presented as only Waddy can accomplish so realistically.

$550.00; S/H/I $15.00

Image 2


Oil Painting of Rommel and His Officers of the Africa Corps.

This large canvas is an original, unique historical offering. The colors are wonderfully presented and the accuracy of the uniforms and vehicle depiction are extraordinary-"plus." This will make a great background for any good WWII collection. It's signed by B. Kung Soo, the greatest combat artist of the orient, today. It measures 27 x 37 inches with frame.

Image 2

Image 3

$750.00; S/H/I $20.00


The Desert Fox

Here we proudly present our framed portrait of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel with a nice reproduction of the Pour le Mérite (The Blue Max). This is an absolutely wonderful depiction of the "Desert Fox" wearing his Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with oak leaves and swords and his Pour le Mérite. Nicely framed and under glass the frame is 17 x 13 inches and the picture, explanation, and medal are beautifully matted in Wehrmacht-gray coloration. The picture is 8 x 9 inches and is wonderfully clear. The reproduction of the medal (superb) comes packed well with support corners for shipping stability. Do not pay attention to the glare on the picture (lighting difficulties). This is the nicest presentation we have seen and will make a wonderful centerpiece for any Germanic collection, WWI, or WWII. Great! Also see stand-alone Blue Max in our Reproduction Medals section.

Image 2

Image 2

$89.00 plus s/h


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