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NSFK - NS Flying Corps

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The National Sozialistisches FleigerKorps (NSFK) was founded in 1932 as a replacement for the DLV Deutsches Luft Sport Verein and all other subordinate organizations. Placed at its head was a Korps Fuher- the first being a former merchant seaman and distinguished WWI Naval Airman and recipient of the Pour Le Merite, Freidrich Christiansen, who was given the rank of Generalleutnant in the Luftwaffe and was subordinated to the Reich minister for Air Travel. His privileged association with Herman Goring allowed him to climb rapidly during WW II; he was promoted to the rank of General Der Fleiger.

The NSFK was made up with exclusive male members and was purely voluntary and, with some special exceptions, members could not have duel membership in the SA, SS, or NSKK. It was largely a part-time organization with only a small percentage of its members being full time paid personnel. As its name would suggest, the NSFK’s main concern was with flying. Paramilitary exercises (Wehrsport) were part of every NSFK man’s duty. Participation in competitive sport was highly encouraged and particular emphasis was placed on skiing, a sport which it was claimed was useful to a flier since it enhanced his sense of balance.

By the time of the 1930’s Nuremberg congress and rally, where practically all the NSFK members were in attendance, there were 2,400 members. The NSFK was divided into three main sections:

  1. Powered aircraft
  2. Gliders
  3. Balloons

Some of the greatest Luftwaffe pilots and crews that won fame in the European skies in WWII were former members of the NSFK.  Much can be learned about this important corps within the NS system by reading the great reference book by John A. Angolia & David Littlejohn titled NSKK-NSFK Uniforms, Organization and History, printed by Roger James Bender (ISBN no 912138-56-4).  Much can also be found on the web as well.


NSFK Magazine
NSFK Magazine

NSFK Magazine
Back cover
NSFK Magazine
NSFK Magazine
NSFK Magazine
Magazine: Das NS-Flieger Korps Vol II Feb. 1942 (Item NSFK 1-1)

DESCRIPTION: This is the section with numbered pages to 3` of the monthly magazine for members of the NSFK, National Socialist Flying Corps, 14 nice pictures and interesting text in German and it also has several charts and grafts. It also has an honor list of members who had gone active in the Luftwaffe who had lost their lives by 1942 in aerial combat.  ur Fuhrer und Volk Starben (For Leader and people who have fallen). Nice condition, measures 8 x 12. Beautiful cover. With the official badge of the corps depicting Icarus in flight. Rare and important.

PRICE: $80.00
















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