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Siegfried's Cuff Titles


  I have seen the awful examples of similar titles offered on the sites where quality is not the issue—only sales!, lots of sales!. Because I am given the courtesy and kindness to use part of the world’s greatest German-relics website I have pledged to offer only the very best of re-created items. So having said that, I am proud to offer the best re-created cuff titles to be found in the world. These are not only accurate to the nth degree on their face, but they even have the “BEVO-WUPPERTAL” name at the edges at the end of each item. It’s like Bevo was back in business again. They are that good! The ones shown are the first of the ones that are now available. In the future we will add more titles. They measure 22 inches long and are of the finest washable material. Why settle for anything less?

These items are priced as follows:
$10.00 each, or $8 each for two, or $7 each for three, or $6 each for four or more



Third Reich Art

Third Reich Art

Third Reich Art

Third Reich Art

Third Reich Art

Third Reich Art

Third Reich Art


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