Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully and complete the bottom portion of this form. No items will be shipped or held unless this form has been completed and submitted. You only need to complete this form once for it to be on file in our office.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, but we must pass along a convenience charge to the buyer. Our fee is three percent for all transactions. To avoid this charge, use a Money Order, check, or Western Union. Buyers who use personal checks must realize that it may take up to 12 or slightly more days for the check to clear before shipment is made. Please e-mail us with the description and item number; for example, Herb Chest, SS 1-1. If you find that it is available and you wish to purchase the item, please always get back to us to inform us of your decision so we can put it aside for you. We also accept cashier's checks, Moneygrams, and Western Union. If you have security concerns, please send your payment by registered mail with a return receipt requested statement. For overseas buyers, PayPal is the best form of payment as currency exchanges are automatic and both parties are given some forms of insurance on items shipped. As to credit-card information, you can call us with this. Please look at our home page for the best calling times.

We do not pay for PayPal fees. Germania International does not raise the prices of its goods to cover the charge PayPal incurs on the merchant for each transaction. You will receive a PayPal invoice for this balance if you do not send your payment as stipulated.

To send credit-card information, I suggest sending it in two parts, with the expiration date with the last part. Please understand that certain foreign countries will not insure items shipped from the U.S. Because of these restrictions, Germania International, LLC, is to be considered released from responsibility for loss and/or damage. Payments from foreign countries must be designated and payable in U.S. dollars. To ensure timely delivery, proper accountability, and to avoid unnecessary damage because of long shipment periods, all international packages will be global priority or airmail. Packages will be insured for the full value of the shipment or for the maximum insurance allowed to the country where shipped depending on the value of the shipment and the buyer's requests in the matter.

Layaways are available for 30 to 90 days (depending on the item and whether it is consignment or not) with a 25-percent deposit. Special arrangements can be made for higher-priced items. Consignment items are not available for layaway unless the consignor agrees. Items placed in layaway for more than the agreed time period will not be eligible for the 7-day inspection/return policy if we feel buyer has abused the layaway agreement schedule and, as a result, inhibited other buyers from purchasing said item. Items not paid for in full in the agreed time period will be restocked, and payments will not be refunded. Please contact us to make new arrangements if a problem arises. Remember, all layaways are final because items have to be removed for the buyer.

Please do not e-mail attachments or pictures. E-mailing attachments is the best way to send and receive viruses, intentional or not. I cannot, and will not, open attachments. If you want me to look at an item for you, please contact me first so I am aware that your picture is coming. If you would like us to examine an item, please contact me.

Consignments and Return Policy
First, it is to be understood that Germania is not an auction house; however, we do accept consignment articles under certain conditions. It must be noted that we allow 7 days from the receipt of an item by the buyer as an inspection period; however, consignment sales are final--PERIOD! If for any legitimate reason the item is unsatisfactory to the buyer, we will allow a full refund, minus the postage and/or insurance charges, only if the buyer contacts us with a legitimate concern in that time period. If more time is needed, this can often be granted, but only by prior arrangement. We guarantee all articles to be original and from the periods described or alluded to on our pages. In the rather rare case of certain aspersions or outright accusations cast against any item we sell by self-proclaimed or actual experts, we do insist and demand that any such statements be reduced to writing and undersigned by the doubting accusing party and sent to us with all information as to how this expert arrived at the decision and what particular expertise he relied upon to reach any such conclusion contrary to our description as found upon the site. We regret having to do this, but there has been a rash of consternation and unnecessary hyperbole throughout the relics field caused by persons who, without sufficient knowledge or credentials, seek to somehow make a name for themselves by trying to denounce good articles of historic value as dubious or bogus. As to the time limits set for return for refund, this will be absolutely and strictly adhered to and will not be altered whatsoever since, as we have stated, many items are in fact on consignment and the consigners are paid within 7 days of the sale of the item. This is then FINAL! We will accept items returned under the conditions stated only if they are returned in the same shape they were in when they left here with no alterations or damage inflicted from inspection or misuse. If the recipient or buyer receives an article that is broken, or otherwise damaged, the buyer or recipient must immediately bring this to the attention of the U.S. Postmaster or carrier, or in the case of courier services, the appropriate office. Then we, as senders, must be immediately notified. The recipient must retain all broken parts and packing material and produce them to the post office or courier service. It will then be determined just what is recoverable and to which party in regard to any insurance coverage that was attached to the mailing of said item. In the case where a buyer is dissatisfied with a purchased item bought from us or our consigners and the time limit of 7 days has expired, we will consider taking the item on a reconsignment basis where buyer sets his price and we take ten percent as commission when sold. We take no responsibility for any guarantee that the item will be quickly sold and we have confidence in the articles we sell to be the finest and most important of original relics. All items returned will be subject to a ten percent restocking fee. Buyers are responsible for the purchase of insurance, it is NOT included in the shipping price. If you want insurance, you must state so.

Shipping Conditions
We are not responsible for any lost items we ship by United States Postal Service, UPS, or Federal Express (FedEx). We are only required to prove at our end that an item was shipped by the service, which is confirmed the moment an item ships by the companies themselves. We are absolved from any issues with PayPal or credit-card companies regarding shipping. We require signatures on all shipments. If you wish to have your shipment insured or any other shipping preferences, you must indicate so when placing your order. As for shipping, if we can prove that an item has reached its destination anywhere in the world, we are absolved of all responsibility after that. It is then the responsibility of the customer to pick the package up. We are not liable for postage for any returned item regardless of the reason.

Because we are constantly buying items, it often happens that we could have multiples of some of the various items offered. If there is the slightest variation in the item you see pictured and the one you receive, we will not be consider this to be an item eligible for return under those conditions. Please keep in mind that close-up photography sometimes slightly distorts an image to some extent.

Be sure you have carefully read the above Terms & Conditions before signing below. Please understand that we cannot ship or hold any items until you have completed the following form and submitted the form to our office.

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