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Kaiser Reich

Kaiser Reich

Kaiser Reich

General National Socialist Subjects

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Kreisstag Badge (Item GEN 5-3)

DESCRIPTION: Here is a Kreisstag badge from 1939, but it does not indicate where the Festtag was held. Maker marked from Pforzheim with "RZM" mark.




May Day Badge (Item GEN 5-4)

DESCRIPTION: One of the most common Tag Abzeichen badges of the Reich May 1938. Shows the Maypole with man and woman dancing about it. Under this the Nazi eagle.

PRICE: $ 31.25



Day of Work Badge (Item GEN 5-5)

DESCRIPTION: This is very common badge Tag der Arbeit. It shows workers, shop man, engineer, and farmer with Nazi eagle. Made of aluminum material.

PRICE: $ 69.00



Gau Tag Badge (Item GEN 5-6)

DESCRIPTION: This is a wonderfully constructed, designed, badge, one of the loveliest of all NSDAP badges. It has the three oak-leafed design with the Hohietsabzeichen (eagle) and the swastika bearing lion of Turingia. The immortal words of the Führer are featured in the center motif: "I love the Eternal Germany." Heavy metal material with wonderful clear design the meeting was in Gera in 1934. "Early" and historically important.




German Handworker's Badge (Item GEN 5-7)

DESCRIPTION: This is a wonderful all-enameled badge from the German Handworkers' Association. It measures 2 inches across. The handshake of the then-united artisans. Swastika in background.

PRICE: $ 73.75



NS Sports Tag Abzeichen (Item GEN 5-12)

DESCRIPTION: Here is the badge from the first Kreiss Athletics Contest in the Niederbavarian Eastern Territory. This was jubilee contest commemorating the tradition from 1860 to 1935.

PRICE: $ 56.25.00



Meeting Badge for a Gau (Item GEN 5-13)

DESCRIPTION: This badge in aluminum is for the official meeting of the officers of the Gau Westenord in July 1935. It has the Lippe and Detmold insignia with the horse motif and swastika. It measures 1 ¾ inches high.




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