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General National Socialist Subjects

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Nazi Party




Deutsches Turnschaft Stickpin (Item GEN 4-5)

DESCRIPTION: This is the membership stickpin for the German Athletic Association. This was developed in the Third Reich replacing for a time the Deutsches Turnfest. It's a nice stickpin for the sports enthusiast.

PRICE: $ 35.00



Unidentified Stickpin (Item GEN 4-7)

DESCRIPTION: This is one we do not know and would solicit your historical knowledge. Nice enameled stickpin.




Grouping of Nine Original Photos from Political Leader Band (Item GEN 4-8)

DESCRIPTION: This is an interesting group of photographs, nine in all, of the festive activities of the political leader's band of Munich. They are shown marching and playing in tiny towns around Munich and in Nuremberg. A ceremony is taking place along the Ludwigstrasse in Munich, where many high leaders are shown assembled for parade. A nice group of original pictures.



German Jewelry and Stickpins

Swastika Stickpin (Item GEN 4-9)

DESCRIPTION: Simply the national NSDAP insignia worn by the faithful as a sign of solidarity with the ideals of the Party. Made in silver or silver plate!

PRICE: $36.00


German Jewelry and Stickpins

Swastika Stickpin (Item GEN 4-11)

DESCRIPTION: Again, the simple swastika stickpin worn by those who supported the agenda of the Nazi Party. This one is in blue enamel. Very nice!

PRICE: $40.00



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