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    Many of our customers have asked us where the musical scores that accompany our write-ups come from. Many people (Germanophiles) love these dramatic songs and compositions and now and then we hear from someone who says it is inappropriate. Well, the latter are usually not real customers, anyway. In one case it is a misanthrope from one of the military forums for mental midgets and would-be x-spurts. So, by very popular demand and since we are inclined to only cater to our Germanophile friends and Kameraden we have decided to handle a line of the very best CD recordings ever produced. The sound for the most part is quite clear considering that these Kampfzeit and war songs were originally cut in the 1930s and 1940s. In case an original 33 1/3-RPM record had some scratchy sounds the suppliers had the music digitally cleaned by brand-new methodology developed in Germany. We can practically promise you that once you hear some of these magnificent sounds played at ultimate volume you will wish you had a nice, new Stahlhelm and a monocle as you suddenly feel compelled to almost goosestep the paths of glory! We offer at this time several hundred great songs on several CDs. You vill like dem, you really vill!

Remember, these are digitally remastered form original-period recordings. We offer an almost unrivaled range of rare and hard-to-find titles covering all aspects of Third Reich music.

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