Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler on cover of
Time magazine, April 1941

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
Actor portrays "Old Shatterhand" by
Adolf Hitler’s favorite author, Karl May.

This book will introduce the reader to the fascinating field of historical revisionism. It portrays a boldly dissident perspective outlining and constructing a far different and intensely fascinating portrait of Adolf Hitler, and provides a rather sublime and meticulously researched alternate profile of the Führer and his manifest destiny that the author, Robert A. Johnston, finds to be for the most part rather incompatible with the so-often and so relentlessly hostile writings that have been patently characteristic of most of the works of the “establishment historians.” This is indeed a fascinating book!

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Aside from the generally accepted historical content of this book, Mr. Johnston reveals a fantastically romantic-yet tragic-episode in Adolf Hitler's life, and he firmly believes this changed to a great extent the history of the world. This writing follows the thesis that this extraordinary man may have been different in multiple ways from how so-called "court historians" depicted him. The book recounts the story of a fledgling and aspiring politician who later became a firebrand driven by an unrelenting agenda buttressed by his commanding presence. From a 1920s rabble-rouser, Hitler transformed into a potent and disciplined orator. In spite of the terrible tragedy that befell his one and only true love-a woman who fell into an unrequited love affair with her Uncle "Adi,"-he kept sight of his goals despite seemingly insurmountable adversity, and maintained control of his own destiny. The author explains some of what he believes were the inner thoughts of this vastly incommensurable man and his nearly messianic popularity with the German people. With many great images and engaging text, Mr. Johnston has presented a picture of Adolf Hitler that the greater percentage of readers will not instantly recognize. This book will expose the objective reader to a fascinating world with conflicting hypotheses and conjectures; he reveals Hitler's mannerisms, his daring, and his charm. Consequently, the reader should be prepared for an interesting and prodigiously revealing divulgence that is both controversial and engaging, not to mention, fascinating! The book provides the reader with an unmatched, hitherto-denied revisionist-historian's insight into the life of the world's most-hated-yet incalculably adored-man of the last century, and his irrefutable connection to a seemingly insignificant revolver that will now finally find its place among the most famous weapons of the twentieth century.”

After reading this book, and if you are of the right age group, you just might harken back to the oft-repeated words of the great radio commentator Paul Harvey when he said, “And now you know the rest of the story.”

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