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German WW II Panzer Ring (Item WEHR 9-1)

DESCRIPTION: This is one of the rings that was found in the collection that was bought at the Stuttgart show. Read the information concerning this under Victory Rings. Most Third Reich rings are not marked as to company. Usually only "800" or "835" appears in the ring shank signifying the silver content and some are not marked at all. In this case, the commission of the Berlin silver registry is shown in the form of the crown, half moon, and the "800," plus "WTB." The "B" is for Berlin. These rings are quite dramatic looking and the teeth look like those of the Ehrenring. Two oak leaves decorate the sides of the openwork shank and cling to the skull's crossbones. This is a definite innovation from the norm in skull rings and thus it is quite beautiful in a grotesque, leering countenance. It's the nicest skull band we have ever seen. They are in limited supply at best.

PRICE: $795.00





Two Photos of a Wedding (Item WEHR 9-2)

DESCRIPTION: This is a pair of interesting original photos of a wartime wedding conducted at the Standesampt (registry office) in a German city. It is the civil marriage of an army officer and his pretty flower-carrying wife. In both pictures you can see a political leader in uniform (father?). You can also see an officer of the Death's Head Division (-Totenkopf). He appears to be severely wounded as he sits in the front row within the hall. At the front of the Standesampt you can see both of these men again in the back row. This is just a nice set of pictures that I believe show the human side of the combatants of WW II. Did these two officers survive the coming horrible days? The chance was slight! The pictures are taken in Vienna. Photos are 7 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches.

PRICE: $38.00



Picture of Marching Singing Wehrmacht- Troops (Item WEHR 9-3)

DESCRIPTION: This is a unique picture, absolutely original and unpublished. It shows a column of German soldiers marching in step and formation as they sing the songs that have become familiar to collectors the world over. Do they sing Lili Marlene? Erika? Morgen Marschiert Wir? A great picture of Kameradschaft am Front! It measures 9 ½ x 7 and is very dramatic.

PRICE: $45.00






War Christmas Card from the Kreisleiter, 1939 (Item WEHR 9-4)

DESCRIPTION: This is a large 11 ½ by 8 ½ (double when opened) Christmas card or greeting sent to all the soldiers in the field that came form the city of Lauban, which is a town in the Prussian province of Silesia. It had been the headquarters of Frederick the Great and in 1815 it was the Saxon town to make its submission to Prussia. It was in 1945 the scene of horrible murder, rape, pillage by the subhuman Russian barbarians who swarmed into the fatherland with fire and sword. Like Breslau, this was scene of the most outstanding bravery shown by the Wehrmacht, Waffen-, and the people, themselves. History will record this, but only after the last of the haters is toes up! That day will come because the pendulum of the clock does not stop. For, as long as it swings to at the left it will surely swing to the right. This is a real piece of historic archive worthy of preservation.

PRICE: $135.00






Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) Painting (Item WEHR 9-5; Special Sale)

DESCRIPTION: Here is a fine example of original German WWII combat art. It is a wonderful depiction of two Gebirgsjäger of the 1st Mountain Infantry Division formed in 1938 around the nucleus of a Gebirgsbrigade and its regiments located in lower Bavaria when its mobilization was ordered on August 26, 1939. The men pictured are members of the 99th Regiment that was stationed at Fusson below the Ludwig Castle Neuschwanstein. The division fought in Poland in 1939 and in the campaign against the western powers in 1940. It was trained for the amphibious operation "Sea Lion," the proposed, but, unfortunately, cancelled invasion of Britain. During the campaign in the Balkans in spring of 1941 the division served with the 2nd Army in the fighting in Yugoslavia. It fought valiantly in the Epirus, Corfu, Serbia, and Bosnia. It also took part in the 6th SS Panzer attack around the Platensee in March of 1945. The mountain troopers, like the men of the Waffen-SS, could be considered Germany's WWII elite. They were demonized by writers as merciless to the Soviet partisans that they captured and hanged or shot. Only now in books and programs like the "History Channel" NS pictorial evidence being shown of what these gangsters and murderers called partisans did to captured German soldiers when they fell into the hands of these thugs: torture, castration, young men burned alive just after their throats were sliced. I'm sure that the Gebirgsjäger's bullet or rope was preferable. In any case, this painting was obtained from a mountain troop Kasserne near Bertesgaden when it was converted to a hostel for Turkish Auslanders. The picture is fine and historically important and a fitting memorial to Germany's fighting soldiers. The painting is in good condition except for a few flakes over the left eye of the figure in the foreground (should be professionally touched up). The artist who signed it was W. Eschmann in 1941. The size with frame is 39 x 31 ½ inches. The frame is more than 1 ¾ inches wide. This is a BIG canvas and will grace any good Wehrmacht collection.

PRICE: $3,500.00. Withdrawn.



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