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(Das Heer)

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Veterans' Armband (Item WEHR 4-1)

DESCRIPTION: This black-backed armband is for an officer in the Kreigerbund veterans of the First World War. It was worn at rallies and membership functions. This was worn with the WWI uniform by the members. The Iron Cross is actually all embroidered and the shield is separately sewn to the black field. The bullion stripe denoting an official is separately adhered.

PRICE: $130.00







Stahlhelm Song Book (Item WEHR 4-3)

DESCRIPTION: This is the official songbook of the league of ex-soldiers of the Great War. This valiant veterans' organization was called on again after the war to do battle in the streets of Germany against the Spartacists and other Red Front reactionaries. They fought alongside their free-corps brothers and thwarted the nefarious plans of the communist revolutionists. They kicked the butts of the likes of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. The little book is filled with vibrant patriotic songs such as Stahlhelmlied, Wehrwolflied, Der Gute Kamerad, Die Wacht am Rhein, etc. A really important historical item.

PRICE: $95.00





Wehrmacht-inspired Advertisement for Auto Union (Item WEHR 4-4)

DESCRIPTION: This is a framed (original) poster advertising Auto Union, a company that made autos, motorcycles, and motors. The ad was for France. Very dramatic. Again, this is ORIGINAL, not a copy. It is nicely framed measuring 21 X 16 inches. The frame is not original , but is of quality and similar to the Third Reich frames. Great for the collector of auto memorabilia as well as WWII German hobbyists.

PRICE: $225.00; SOLD








German Army Shooting Manual (Item WEHR 4-5)

DESCRIPTION: Anleitung für den Schiessport (Teil 1 Kleinkaliberschiessen) translates to 'Instructions for shooting sports. Section 1-small-caliber shooting.' Small book measuring 6 ½ X 5 inches with 150 pages containing many photos and text. We are not sure of the time of this publication because the uniforms inside have no insignia, but the Mauser trainer rifles seem to be 1930's vintage. Nice little book for the gun collector or historian.






Army and Political Songbook (Item WEHR 4-6)

DESCRIPTION: Sturm und Kampf Lieder für Front und Heimat. This is a songbook for the front and homeland. It contains 96 pages of songs of the military and NSDAP. It measures 4 ½ X 6 inches. All the familiar songs of the struggle in Germany and at the battlefronts. Deutschland Lied, Horst Wessel, Hitler Youth Lied, Die Braune Garde es Pfeift von Allen Dacheren, and many, many others. This is the ultimate German Reich songbook.

PRICE: $150.00



Army Horsemanship Competition (Item WEHR 4-9)

DESCRIPTION: Heers Jagdrennen. This is a competition for the Führerpreis (prize) that was held in Karlshorst. July 6, 1938. This is an original and unpublished equestrian photo by Atlantic News Services with its stamp to the back It measures 8 ½ x 6 ¾ on glossy paper. Rare and important, this is a very fine photographic treasure. Own a real piece of WW II history. Again, this is original!

PRICE: $65.00






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