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Germania International, LLC is one of the only websites which includes professional historians on staff who are educated in practically all phases of German cultural and military history from the times of the ancient Teutons right up to the end of WWII. We pride ourselves on being historians first and business folk last, as is so obviously evidenced by the content of our website. And, furthermore, one of our advisors lived through the era of the Third Reich in Germany as a member of the Hitler Youth and saw combat on the home front as well.  Herr Willi has often been called a "Walking Encyclopedia of German history." This has gained for him and for the rest of our people the admiration of our peers and legitimate collectors, but has made us the bane of the forums, where insight into the times, customs and people of the Third Reich is woefully lacking and for the most part despised. Please do not take us wrong, we do not wish to include all of the contributors to the forums in this narrative...not by any means! There are some very knowledgeable people who are a real asset to the hobby, some with wonderful credentials and great research backgrounds. We can think of several, but unfortunately some of the moderators of these forums have allowed libelous threads that should be immediately detected and wiped out due to their unfounded and blatantly detrimental personal attacks levied against individuals and businesses (all in violation of their own forum rules) to continue to languish like trash in a dumpster!

We have been in the business for a cumulative time of well over 170 years if you count up the years of experience for each of the four of us and our separate academic experience. Our web site has been going strong for 30 years. We were at the ground floor of collecting German militaria and, as such, we have seen the fakes and junk, but those forum dandies (that think they know what is fake or authentic) are continuously wrong, and on the other hand they have been known to bless certain items handled by forum members and supporters. Often horrid reproductions are lauded as original while in truth they are positively not! And actually it is these “X-spurts” who are the fakes! The jealousy that Germania International, LLC arouses, especially with these forums that dispense dubious information, knows no bounds with all sorts of typed garbage spat out of the jowls and typing fingers of these keyboard warriors (who by the way never approach us at the shows in person to spin out their prevarications). Their fallacious bravado is amazing! Criticism and animosity abounds, but it has only two names: jealousy and ignorance.

Salvador Dali was quoted as saying, "The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action."

Albert Einstein is also quoted, "Great sprits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."  

We are one of only about six major U.S. dealers who attend the German Military shows. (We never see any of our detractors there because there are no keyboards to hide behind.) We have been known to go many steps further to authenticate our items. We actually traverse many of the museums, battlefields, castles, monuments, libraries and galleries; we have often visited war veterans and famous individuals from the period. This is where tried and true education begins! Not on some silly forum or poorly researched book that usually has some political agenda. We prefer to be politically incorrect when it comes to the seemingly required orthodox theories that abound with dubious propaganda as handed down to persons who even wish to think about being objective. Many Americans profess that they know all about Germany and its history, but their opinions are myopic to say the least. One reason our website is so vast is that we are a reference point of information for dealers and collectors alike. That is why we generally do not remove our descriptions once the article has been sold.

We simply love Germany, its people and its marvelous past and we believe many of you share our opinion and our zeal! Wir Lieben Deutschland!

Respectfully Submitted by
The Germanophiles at Germania International



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