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Adolf Hitlerís Revolver

We present one of the most famous guns of history, Adolf Hitlerís personal revolver, yes, revolver; Smith and Wesson Ladysmith revolver. This is the only sidearm Hitler carried on a semipermanent basis. It probably is the most important gun that the world has ever seen, as the article will illustrate. It certainly changed history. The story is fascinating, but the saga of the weapon is presented here for your pleasure and edification. We do not have this revolver. It is safely stored away and might be offered for sale. If you need to know more you will have to send your inquiries to our address as it is listed on our home page. The agent for these inquiries insists he be contacted only by U.S. Post Office mail sent to our address shown. No price has been established that we know of. The piece will probably go to auction, eventually. Before opening the link, be sure you understand these requirements. We are proud to present this story for the historian, collector, or the curious. It will entertain, enlighten, and fascinate. It sheds new light on a subject long lost and its importance to the annals of history is practically incalculable. It is a small, inanimate object, but of salient, paramount importance. However we are not the authors of the article or the fabulous book that followed.

We now present the Gun of Destiny.


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