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Kaiser Reich

Kaiser Reich

Kaiser Reich

Adolf Hitler
Page 31

Hitler-to-Himmler Letter
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Letter from Hitler

Letter from Hitler

Letter from Hitler

Letter from Hitler

Letter from Hitler

Letter from Hitler

Letter from Hitler

Letter from Hitler

Full-Page, Handwritten Letter by Adolf Hitler prior to his Appointment as the Chancellor of the German Reich (Item AH 31-1)

DESCRIPTION: This is a hand-written letter written by Adolf Hitler and sent or handed over to the future Reichsführer of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, who, at that early time, held the rank of Reichsleiter. Hitler and Himmler passionately shared academic interest in the importance of race and its crucial basis for all the endeavors of mankind; for instance: the superiority of the Aryan race and the inferiority in their mutual genetic opinions of other races. Thus, this letter has strikingly historical importance and is not only one of the rare, full-page letters in existence that is written out by Hitler, but because of its theme, it may be one of the most exceedingly important ones yet discovered. Here is a rough translation of the letter:

My dear Reichsleiter, dear Party Comrade Himmler!
The improvement of the bloodline in a whole race is an important work of our National Socialist Politic.
We cannot come to conclusions about a race before we have judged its achievement.
For today all the very best to you and your work.
Munich, Dec 25, 1932. (Signed by Hitler in the recognized style of his signature for that period in his life.)

It is our considered opinion that Hitler was answering a letter from Heinrich Himmler in a continuing discussion on racial hygiene so crucially important in the Third Reich. Signatures of Hitler are considered very rare and of momentous importance to museums and collectors worldwide, but the fact is that a full-page letter like the one offered here is just a remarkable discovery, indeed! To say that the content of the message is any less than of great and sublime content would be almost absurd. The obvious reference to the teaching of racial heritage that was daily promoted by the Hitler Youth and can be exemplified on its members’ belt buckles and blades of their camp knives by the words: “Blut und Ehre!” (“Blood and Honor!”). The letter is written on a parchment-looking paper and measures 11 1/2 X 8 inches and is in excellent condition. As a historian who specializes in Third Reich history and who researches important memorabilia of the period, we must say we cannot imagine anything quite as noteworthy as the emergence of this archival gem from the past, as it now has done.


Letter from Hitler

Above is a chart illustrating some of the signatures of Adolf Hitler. It shows how they changed a bit over several years’ time. The boldest and most powerful is seen at July 1940; however, we direct your attention to the signatures identified at March 5, 1933, and, especially, December 1934. You will note that the name Hitler descends more rapidly than on the other examples in some of the later years. Hitler’s basic style and special configuration never changed much after 1923, but since no two signatures are alike especially when writing to a close friend or party colleague as you see in the letter above to someone as close as H. Himmler, then he was likely to scribble a little. However, when signing an official document, he was infinitely more circumspect. It’s only natural that his various moods might have an effect on his writings and signatures. It should also be kept in mind that he might at one time be writing in pen or, instead, in pencil; it usually will make a very noticeable difference. The book from which this assemblage of Hitler signatures is derived is Leaders & Personalities of the 3rd Reich: Their Biographies, Portraits, and Autographs, Volume 1 by Charles Hamilton. The late Mr. Hamilton was the world’s foremost authority on signatures of famous personalities. It’s unfortunate that my friend, Mr. Hamilton, never got to see this historically important document before his passing because he, above all others, would have sincerely appreciated it.


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A Very Special Entry!
One of the greatest historical treasures
we have ever had the pleasure of offering.
You have to see this one!

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