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Kaiser Reich

Kaiser Reich

Kaiser Reich

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

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Photo Signed by Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels (Item GOEBBELS 2-1)

DESCRIPTION: This is a postcard photograph of Dr. Goebbels that is actually signed by him. He was so popular during the era of the Third Reich that people were constantly running up to him with a book or a card like this one asking him to sign it. He was popular not because of his looks, or his “Aryan qualities,” or his offices; he enjoyed this high popularity because of his voice on the radio: That deep-sounding, convincing perfect “Hoch Deutsch” delivery that beamed of hope and promise of the Fatherland; a hope that was dashed against the rocks of the “new world order” that was being prepared even then. No state such as the Third Reich would be allowed to interfere with its diabolic plans. With one blow it crushed freedom in Europe; started the ball rolling toward the ruination of the British Empire; started the destruction of the American republic replacing it with socialistic big-brother “democracy,” its plans had one failing (the important one) and that is that no matter the horrific murderous campaigns against the Germanic peoples and the civilized Europe nothing will curtail the manifest destiny of the “Herrenvolk” and as the good doctor often said: “Kommt der Tag der Rache!” One only had to hear his short delivery at the Nuremberg Party Rally captured on tape and briefly heard for only a moment in the film, Triumph of the Will, to be instantly captivated by his voice and clear diction. It was said the Führer had mystical, captivating eyes (irresistible). That being so, the same would have to be said of (the voice) of Dr. Goebbels. The card measures 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 and is in excellent condition with clear signature. Compare this with Goebbels’ signature in Charles Hamilton’s book on Third Reich signatures.




Postcard likeness of Doctor Paul Joseph Goebbels (Item GOEBBELS 2-2)

DESCRIPTION: This is a postcard that was furnished in the gift shop of the Haus der Deutsche Kunst (House of German Art). The photo of the painting that hung there was by Heinrich Hoffmann. It is a great depiction that captures the bold look of determination and resolve known to be the greatest asset of Germany’s Little Doctor. Completely original and is in fine condition

PRICE:  $203.00



A postcard showing Dr. Goebbels and his daughter (Item GOEBBELS 2-3)

DESCRIPTION: This is a charming postcard study of the Minister of Propaganda and his beautiful little daughter Henna. Gorgeous yet so sad (read about Magda Goebbels) for what she felt compelled to do in the face of the oncoming Bolsheviks that were pushing forward into Berlin screaming for blood, rape and pillage. Card is in mint condition.



Nazi Party

A postcard showing Dr. Goebbels with his children (Item GOEBBELS 2-4)

DESCRIPTION: This is a beautiful depiction of N.S. Germany’s Minister of Propaganda with his 6 children. It is in mint condition and is rare. Read the fate of the children in our section about the Goebbels chest and the terrible act that their mother felt compelled to do on our pages.




Kaiser Reich

 Dr. Goebbels’ Family (Item GOEBBELS 2-5)

DESCRIPTION: This depicts the Goebbels family with Dr. P.J. Goebbels and his wife Magda, 5 of the children and Magda’s son by former marriage (Harold Quant). Harold who was in the Luftwaffe was the only member of the family who survived. All the others were devoured by the horrible fratricidal war. Read about the fate of Magda and her children in the narration about the Goebbels Chest on our pages.



Magda Goebbels

A picture of Dr. Goebbels with his daughter (Item GOEBBELS 2-6)

DESCRIPTION:This is a very charming picture of a proud papa with his beautiful little daughter. It bears the Heinrich Hoffmann stamp on the back and is in good condition except for a corner gone in the upper left edge of the picture. It has some minor stains mostly on the back of the picture.

PRICE:  $210.00


Nazi Party

A lovely picture of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels and his daughter Helga and the family pet (Item GOEBBELS 2-7)

DESCRIPTION: This is a really beautiful photo – graphic depiction of the Reich’s Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels in loving family pose. This is a postcard of the finest clarity and is quite rare. It measures 5 ½ x 3 3/4ths.



Nazi Party

A picture of 3 of Dr. Goebbels’ children (Item GOEBBELS 2-8)

DESCRIPTION: This is definitely a photograph printed on postcard stock. It depicts three of the beautiful Goebbels children. (Read about the fare of these children in our narration about the Goebbels Chest) This picture measures 5 ½ x 3 ½ and is in sepia tone. Beautiful but sad.



Nazi Party

A photo of Dr. Goebbels at a special service in his honor (Item GOEBBELS 2-9)

DESCRIPTION: This is a photo measuring 6 x 4 ½ of the little doctor at tea with an unknown lady at a function like so many that were held in his honor. It has a few scratches but otherwise in good condition and an unusual pose and most assuredly it was not published. It has the stamp of the photographer Hugo Schmidt from Hamburg on the back.

PRICE: $240.00


Nazi Party

A picture of the Fuhrer with one of the Goebbels children (Item GOEBBELS 2-10)

DESCRIPTION: This is a trimmed postcard. It may be an actual photo because in those days such photos were normally printed on card stock. This was lined up for mailing. The picture has some scratches that are only accessible upon close inspection. A rather nice candid picture probably trimmed to fit a frame or a photo album.

PRICE: $138.00


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